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Epson EasyMP Multi-PC Projection

So what is Epson Multi-PC projection and what applications can it have in an education or business setting?

The main application for Multi-PC Projection is to allow multiple PCs to share content via the main display. This is great for sharing learnings from each student, to create a more collaborative and shared environment. This of course, can help students to feel more valued and part of the lesson by their contribution. In a business setting, this is great for sharing ideas and brainstorming, as well as having relevant information shared within a presentation time or meeting, when it’s relevant, rather than waiting till later.

How does it work?
With the control of a host PC, up to 50 terminals can be connected via the multi-PC projection from a single projector. The host PC acts as a moderator, selecting media from up to 4 terminals to be projected simultaneously. With the moderator function, you can maintain control and prevent tampering with what’s projected on screen.

Check out this short Epson Video to get a visual on how Multi-PC Projection works in the classroom

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