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New Classroom Products

So you want to set up a collaborative classroom?

In the modern-day classroom there is quite a bit of technology that is being implemented in a classroom. This can be an installed AV system, as well as laptop / tablet program.

Trying to leverage this technology to get more collaboration and participation of students in the classroom setting is not always easy. Some educators are using software like OpenNote and others to store notes and edit notes. These software platforms are generally only one-way and do not facilitate a collaborative environment.

A simpler, cost effective product is the Epson MeetingMate series of projectors. Originally made for the business market, this ultra-short throw projector has unique software built in.

The Whiteboard Mode is integrated into the projector, so when your projector is connected to the school’s network, it can allow you to dynamically and collaboratively share what’s on a teacher’s laptop with up to 15 students. They can also contribute and add content in a truly collaborative way. Then when the lesson or session is completed, the whiteboard mode allows the teacher to save the work to the school network or to a USB drive.

With the ability to create up to 50 pages of content and come back to the saved document at any time for review / continued editing / working, the Epson MeetingMate series of projectors truly are a powerful collaborative tool in engaging student participation in the classroom.


For more information about the Epson MeetingMate series of projectors and their other amazing features, please contact a DIB Solutions Consultant on (03) 9457-4800 or Submit an Enquiry HERE