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Epson announces 5-year Express Exchange Service Pack

Epson recently announced that they would be offering a 5-year Express Exchange Service Pack with all new Epson interactive projectors. This 5-year Total Coverage option is available through DIB Australia and gives the benefit of obtaining a replacement Epson projector, if a projector plays up at any time within the 5 year period. This is a significant service option, where you no longer need to worry about long downtimes on a broken projector, which often requires the projector to be sent away and come back from repair. Epson’s “Express” component of the service pack sees a fast replacement of the faulty unit within 1-3 business days.

What makes this option very unique is that it is a Full Coverage Service Pack; there are no exclusions related to hours used or other key components, which makes it stand out in comparison to other competitors offerings.

KEY Features of the 5 Year Express Exchange Service Pack

Peace of Mind – Protect your investment with the Epson Express Exchange Service. Receive premium service and support backed by genuine Epson parts.

Reduce Down Time – Ensure you are getting the most our of your projector with the swap out units and quick turnaround time.

Reduce Costs – Enjoy the benefit of know there are no more out of pocket expenses.

Enhance your Epson Support – Full coverage, with NO limitation on the working hours of the optical engine or other key components (not all “5 year” warranties are created equal in this regard)

How it Works…

– Epson Express Exchange Service Pack is available for purchase at anytime within the first 3 years of ownership.
– Customers who purchase an Express Exchange Service Pack will be eligible for replacement of their faulty unit within 1-3 days (subject to projector location)
– The replacement unit will be sent via courier. Epson will organise a separate courier to pick up the existing product. The projector must be packed and ready for collection by the courier.
– Customers must remove and reinstall the projector at their own expense.
– An exchange unit will ship the same day if the job is received before 11:00am. All other requests will ship next business day.
– For full terms and conditions refer to www.epson.com.au


This excellent service pack is available through DIB Australia for a small additional premium when purchasing an interactive Epson projector, giving customers 5-years peace of mind for their Epson interactive projector.

Interactive Epson projectors models available for the Service pack include…
Epson 575Wi, Epson 585Wi, Epson 595Wi (and their equivalent education models).


For more information about the Epson’s NEW 5-Year Express Exchange Service Pack, contact us or call DIB Australia on (03) 9457-4800.

DIB Australia are an Epson Premium Dealer.