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Wyndham Cultural Centre steps into the future with Meeting Mate

The renovation of the Wyndham City Council’s community centres focused on an audio-visual update. The technological improvements were vital to each centres updates as Wyndham City Council’s goal was to give everyone in the community access to the latest education technology.

Notably, the update of the Wyndham Cultural Centre featured the impressive EPSON EB-1430Wi Meeting Mate Finger Touch Interactive Projector. This projector is top of the range, boasting impressive features such as finger and pen interactivity, use as a digital whiteboard and the ability to save, print or email meeting notes directly from the projector. In order to control the projector an EPSON Meeting Mate control panel was installed. This control panel allows for easy control of the Meeting Mates features. The wide range of features makes the projector suitable for a range of ages from school aged children interacting and learning to adults using the projector as a way to facilitate work meetings. This makes it ideal for the Wyndham Cultural Centre as it services a wide cross-section of the public.

The DIB team also installed two Kramer 30 Watts 2-way Stereo speakers. These speakers allow for crystal clear sound quality to complement the high-quality visual image produced by the Meeting Mate.

EPSON Meeting Mate control panel

Additionally, HDMI and USB input points were installed so that connectivity between personal devices, such as phones and laptops were compatible with the Meeting Mate system.

HDMI and USB input plates

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