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Epson EasyMP Silent Version

IT Managers have enough network, server and other relevant challenges to deal with. So how can we make the IT guy’s life a little easier?

Being able to remotely install software onto PCs or laptops would help!

How can this be done?… by installing what’s know as the Silent Version of Epson EasyMP for both Network Projection and Multi-PC projection software.

Effectively this is remote deployment to multiple PCs over a network without the need for end-user input. This means that teachers / staff don’t have to come and get software loaded onto their laptop for the new projector, the IT guy can do it remotely and nominate which projectors will connect to their device.

There are two modes of installation; Quick (Ad Hoc) and Advanced (Infrastructure), giving you flexibility with installation.

Talk about making things EASY!

>>> Another great feature with the Silent Version is the option of deploying a Custom Background image while in Presentation Mode. This essentially enables the user to “black out” the display when a Powerpoint slideshow isn’t running (hiding the user’s desktop or other open documents of the user’s PC)

For more information about Epson’s EasyMP Silent Version or for assistance with your custom audio visual requirements, contact a DIB Audio Visual Solutions Consultant today Phone (03) 9457-4800 or contact us

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