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Stunning AV Installation for St Mary of the Cross: Part 1

This is part 1 of a series of articles exploring DIB’s installation for the Chapel of St Mary of the Cross. This part will introduce the installation and examine the vision and recording aspects of the installation. Click here for Part 2 – Audio and Control.

MacKillop is a Catholic Coeducational Secondary College in Werribee. The College is a pillar of the local community, boasting a strong, experienced teaching staff and an advanced learning environment.

Over the last few years, the College has undertaken a project to construct a modern chapel on campus. The Chapel of St Mary of the Cross is impressive, with beautiful stained glass windows and a ‘Triumphant Jesus’ hanging over the altar. Having had a long relationship with MacKillop College, DIB Australia were engaged to provide a modern audio visual solution for the space. Gabi from DIB Australia worked with MacKillop College on every aspect, down to the smallest details. The final result, at its most basic level, saw the installation of two projectors, producing an image on either side of the lectern at the front of the chapel, and a camera system to record the chapel events from a variety of preset positions.

mackillop chapel exterior

The exterior of the completed chapel

Vision system

The core of this installation was the displays. A pair of high quality, full HD projectors were selected to produce images directly onto the wall at either side of the front of the chapel. For this task DIB installed two EPSON Z9750WU projectors. These projectors display an image with fantastic brightness which was critical to the installation due to the large amount of natural light that flows into the chapel. These were equipped with special long throw lenses so that they could produce a large image while being placed out of the way, non-conspicuously above the entry to the chapel.

EPSON Z9750WU projectors and Sony EVI-H100V camera

The EPSON Z9750WU projectors and Sony EVI-H100V camera

A Philips 32” LED display was installed in the sacristy to the side of the main area, providing a live camera feed of the chapel for the priest. Finally, a Sharp 70” flat screen display was installed in the chapel’s Religious Education Learning Area. This screen is perfect for small groups of students, or as an extension of the main display for large events

Camera/recording system

As mentioned earlier, the ability to record events, whether it be College presentations or ceremonies, was a must have. This way families could receive high quality recordings of weddings, or other significant events in the chapel. One camera with three preset positions was installed by DIB to fulfill this role. Between these positions and pan/tilt/zoom functions, the camera system is suited to capturing all kinds of events.

EPSON projectors and Sony camera chapel av install

Looking out at the two EPSON projectors and Sony camera above the chapel entrance

An Extron Streaming Media Processor was programmed by the DIB team to handle the capturing and distributing of live camera recordings.

Click here to read Part 2 – Audio and Control.


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