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Stunning AV Installation for St Mary of the Cross: Part 2

This is part 2 of a series of articles exploring DIB’s installation for the Chapel of St Mary of the Cross. This part will cover the audio and control systems and conclude the series. Click here to read Part 1 – Vision and Recording.

Audio system

For audio, several microphones were installed throughout the space. These included a lapel microphone, two handheld microphones, and four discreet ceiling-mounted microphones above the mezzanine floor. A front of house speaker system was installed to produce audio for audiences in the chapel. The d&b Audiotechnik 24C column array speakers were especially selected due to their sleek design and ability to individually adjust each of the six dome tweeters within each column speaker. This ensured optimum sound dispersion within the chapel. The capacity to have ground outdoor planter box speakers were also installed, along with speakers in the narthex area so that guests can be provided with music upon entering the chapel.

Control System

The DIB team worked hard to ensure that controlling a multifaceted system like this would still be easy and streamlined. Three touchscreen control panels were installed across the chapel and were programmed with a custom layout designed specifically for the chapel. A 7” Extron TouchLink Pro control panel was installed at the chapel’s mezzanine for the main control over the system. This panel provides a high resolution, full colour, intuitive display that can be customised to best suit any system. From this touch-panel the system’s complete functions such as volume, camera configuration, and video recording can be operated. From the mezzanine laptops can be connected to the projectors and users can choose which source to display (BluRay, HDMI, VGA, etc.). This way, the projector system can be used to display presentations, videos and images.

7” Extron TouchLink Pro control panel for chapel av installation

7” Extron TouchLink Pro control panel displaying the audio control options (click to enlarge)

Two smaller 5” Extron TLP Pro touchpanels were also installed, one in the Sacramental Chapel and one in the R.E. Learning area. The Sacramental touch panel provides control over the system at a more basic level. From here the system can be turned on and off, laptops connected, and microphone inputs controlled. This way, one is able to easily use the AV system without confronting the more complex system located on the mezzanine level.

5” Extron TLP Pro touchpanel for chapel av install

5” Extron TLP Pro touchpanel with the recording page selected (click to enlarge)

The touch panel in the R.E. Learning area allows classes or small groups to control the 70” LED panel independent of the main system. A feed from the main Chapel can also be mirrored onto the LED panel for when larger occasions employ both areas at once. In this way, the entire system was designed to produce a versatile and easy to understand user interface for what is in fact a very advanced system.

5” Extron TLP Pro touchpanel chapel av

Choosing video source on the 5” Extron touchpanel (click to enlarge)

DIB are proud to have contributed to the creation of such a beautiful space. Since its opening in March, the Chapel of St Mary of the Cross has been embraced by the community, being described as ‘quickly becoming the heart and soul of the College.

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