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LG breakout Pod Ivanhoe grammar school

Collaborative Breakout Pods at Ivanhoe Grammar Library

Earlier in the year, DIB worked with one of our oldest clients, Ivanhoe Grammar School, to install audio visual upgrades in their Plenty campus library.

The installation involved the creation of three breakout stations, called Pods. These refer to small stations with a scree which allow students to break off to work in smaller groups. Pods have been installed at Ivanhoe Grammar School in the past and have been highly successful. They allow a space to simultaneously cater to large and small groups, and give students the option to work as independently as they wish.

Each breakout Pod consisted of an LG 43LX341C Commercial Display. They display in full HD with vibrant colours and come with a suite of useful commercial features including a customisable welcome screen. The screens measure 43″ diagonally, which is a perfect size for small groups. The DIB team also installed custom screen borders around the edge of each screen for an aesthetically pleasing and neat result.

three breakout Pods with LG 43" displays and control panels

The three breakout Pods with LG 43″ displays

A JED T460 four-button LCD control panel was installed alongside each screen. These provide an easy way to adjust volume, turn the system on/off, and select the audio/video source. The LCD screen helps to clarify which mode the screens are in. HDMI inputs were installed with each display so that teachers and students can simply connect their laptops with a single cable.

JED T460 control panel

JED T460 control panel

These Pod screens are also dual purpose as they are able to be used as digital signage players when not in use by students. This is an especially useful aspect of the installation due to the screens’ locations at the entrance of the library. Their digital signage function can be used to provide a strong impression to anyone entering the space.

A breakout pod with LG 43" display, JED control panel & HDMI port

A breakout pod with LG 43″ display, JED control panel & HDMI port

Overall, DIB have created a set of  dual purpose Pod screens for the student break out area in the library. The screens can be used by small groups of students and teachers, or as digital signage for the library entrance.

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