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AV update for Royal Hobart Hospital

Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) is Australia’s second oldest hospital and first began serving the Hobart community in 1804. It moved to its present site in the Hobart CBD in 1820. RHH is Tasmania’s largest hospital and its major referral centre. As the major clinical teaching and research centre, it works closely with the University of Tasmania and other institutions. RHH provides acute, sub acute, mental health and aged care inpatient and ambulatory services to a population of about 240,000 people in the southern region and has 550 physical beds, including 460 acute overnight and 90 day beds. The RHH has 2190 full time equivalent staff or paid headcount of 3015. The Royal provides a comprehensive range of general and specialty medical and surgical services including many statewide services such as cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, extensive burns treatment, hyperbaric medicine, neonatal and paediatric intensive care and high risk obstetrics.

The Solution

Multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meetings are specialized collaborative meetings conducted by clinicians and carers of cancer patients with an aim to discuss cancer patient’s diagnosis, treatment and physical needs.

Participants in meetings are required to share a variety of different forms of information on the patient including patient’s health history, treatment strategy, scans and test results. Often this information is also shared with other specialists, clinicians and carers in remote locations via videoconferencing. The MDT room provides an integrated audio visual system to facilitate technology rich meetings and multisite videoconferencing. The audio visual system includes a wide screen video-wall display configured to display up to ten different sources concurrently.

The sources vary from three hospital PCs, a radiology workstation, a laptop, a high resolution document camera, a microscope and video conferencing content shared with up to four concurrent video sites via two high definition cameras.

The Benefit

All devices integrated within the system are selectable via a custom touchpanel. This allows simple and easy to use graphics to display the different video and photo contents.

The TV One Video processor allows any image anywhere and any size on the video canvas helping the clinical diagnosis process. Royal Hobart Hospital and the patients are the winners with this advance in technological diagnosis.