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Teamboard presents the NEW high-quality Presentation Board

The NEW Presentation Board from Teamboard presents a unique solution for classroom AV installations. This is a quality product, with a steel-back and a recycled aluminum frame, as well as a honeycomb core construction. The most notable feature of the Teamboard Presentation Board is the Egan Versa Surface (EVS)™ technology, which gives it a 10 […]... Read More »

How to stop the cleaners breaking the flyleads

In high-traffic areas such as classrooms, HDMI flyleads can easily get damaged. This can be true of school cleaners, who can inadvertently knock or twist connected HDMI flyleads as they are vacuuming or cleaning classrooms. This is a common problem that can be easily avoided with the small addition of a bullnose plate, which acts […]... Read More »

How to stop the case of the missing HDMI/VGA flylead!

This scenario is all too common in schools… You walk into the classroom to begin a lesson and the HDMI or VGA flylead is missing! This can be the beginning of a long conversation with the IT department who may or may not be able to help you. The lesson you prepared for, (which included […]... Read More »