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How to stop the case of the missing HDMI/VGA flylead!

This scenario is all too common in schools…

You walk into the classroom to begin a lesson and the HDMI or VGA flylead is missing! This can be the beginning of a long conversation with the IT department who may or may not be able to help you. The lesson you prepared for, (which included lots of interactive components to keep students engaged) is now dead in the water. You recover, but the lesson isn’t as interesting or engaging, if there had been a flylead in the classroom.

So, how can this headache-of-a-problem be solved?

By installing a bullnose plate, these problems can become a thing of the past. These cleverly designed plates are mounted to the wall, where the flylead is securely connected behind the bullnose plate. The remaining length of the flylead is left hanging out from the wall for input to a laptop, PC or tablet. Your cable is now protected from “sticky fingers” and you won’t have to worry if there will be a cable when you walk into teach your next lesson!


Bullnose Plate with HDMI & VGA cables

Bullnose Plate protects connection of HDMI and VGA flyleads, as they sit in behind the bullnose plate

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