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How to stop the cleaners breaking the flyleads

In high-traffic areas such as classrooms, HDMI flyleads can easily get damaged. This can be true of school cleaners, who can inadvertently knock or twist connected HDMI flyleads as they are vacuuming or cleaning classrooms. This is a common problem that can be easily avoided with the small addition of a bullnose plate, which acts as a protective barrier for the connection point of the HDMI flylead.

This plate is not difficult to incorporate into a classroom AV installation, but severely reduces the pain of fixing damaged HDMI connections, which cause signal dropouts or “flakey” images (where the image is not a clear). By installing the protective bullnose plate it gives the technology user peace-of-mind and avoids lots of unnecessary heartache.

Lindy Bullnose Plate

Bullnose plate protects HDMI and other cables from being damaged


To hear how using bullnose plates created an AV solution at Camberwell Grammar, click here.

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