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Milgate Primary School enjoys a new projector system

Milgate Primary School is an accredited International Baccalaureate school committed to providing a high-quality, challenging and international education to its students. Milgate Primary School offers an exciting education program that aims to equip each child with the skills necessary to succeed in the future. By cultivating a caring and encouraging environment, students are supported throughout […]... Read More »

Charles La Trobe P-12 College – EPSON Interactive Projector Classroom Upgrades

Charles La Trobe P-12 College is committed to providing an enriched educational experience for its students; their learning community is equipped with the latest technology and teaching resources to support their students.   The team at Charles La Trobe engaged DIB to complete classroom upgrade works, to increase student engagement by promoting an interactive learning space, […]... Read More »

Brand new projectors for Melton Secondary

Melton Secondary College is a co-educational school that aims to prepare their students well in order to give them a successful future. With a challenging, varied curriculum, the college strives to cater for an individual’s needs and interests. Students are supported and encouraged throughout their schooling journey by well-trained, highly qualified staff, who are committed […]... Read More »

AV uplift for Caulfield Grammar’s Roy Hoult

With a campus in Caulfield, Caulfield Grammar aims to provide a quality education for all of their students. With a broad, challenging curriculum that promotes creativity and innovation, Caulfield Grammar strives to imbue students with an appreciation for learning whilst moulding them into responsible, global citizens who make meaningful contributions to society. Caulfield Grammar worked […]... Read More »

Interactive projectors for Apollo Parkways classrooms

Apollo Parkways Primary School strives to cultivate an environment where a thorough, stimulating curriculum is supported by a challenging but encouraging atmosphere. With a wide rage of facilities and resources at the children’s disposal, Apollo Parkways values life long learning, better preparing the children for life in a global community. Apollo Parkways acknowledges the importance of educational technology, […]... Read More »

A new projector for Burwood Heights Primary portable

Burwood Heights Primary School is committed to delivering an innovative curriculum that is not only challenging and rigorous, but sensitive to a student’s individual abilities and their circumstances. The school’s learning environment actively promotes creativity, curiosity and tolerance within students. In having a philosophy that centres on the well-being of the child, Burwood Heights Primary aims […]... Read More »

Various classroom upgrades for ELTHAM College

In a liberating, supportive environment, ELTHAM College prides itself on providing a curriculum that goes beyond tradition, offering a wide range of programs and opportunities that inspire students to find and explore their passions. ELTHAM College strives to foster a culture that caters for students’ individual needs, empowering them with the self-confidence and independence to manage […]... Read More »

School-wide projector installs for PLC’s Junior School

Taking pride in being one of Australia’s leading independent school for girls, Presbyterian Ladies’ College (PLC) strives to provide students with a future-focused, dynamic education. Students are taught the skills necessary to help them navigate and succeed in the 21st century. PLC tasked the team at DIB with installing new projectors and document cameras across […]... Read More »

New interactive projector for Bellbridge Primary

Bellbridge Primary educates students in a safe, vibrant environment where they are supported in their learning. Students are also encouraged to step out of their comfort zone by engaging in a wide range of activities and new opportunities. Further, Bellbridge Primary believes in the importance of technology in educating the youth of today; thus, they furnish each […]... Read More »

New CommBoxes for 13 St Catherine’s School classrooms

With a reputation for being one of Australia’s leading girls’ school, St Catherine’s School strives to provide a stimulating, tailored and future-focused education that betters prepares students for the world beyond the classroom. In an engaged, dynamic and inclusive community, St Catherine’s aims to nurture and empower young women, transforming them into independent, globally conscious individuals. This, […]... Read More »