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EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector at ELTHAM College

EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector

Various classroom upgrades for ELTHAM College

In a liberating, supportive environment, ELTHAM College prides itself on providing a curriculum that goes beyond tradition, offering a wide range of programs and opportunities that inspire students to find and explore their passions. ELTHAM College strives to foster a culture that caters for students’ individual needs, empowering them with the self-confidence and independence to manage all aspects of their future lives. In order to support the staff in providing the College’s engaging, rigorous, world ready curriculum, ELTHAM College recognises the importance of technology in a student’s education.

Thus, the College approached the team at DIB with the intention of upgrading the AV systems in 15 classrooms. This ensured that the technology in each room is more up-to-date, enhancing the learning experience of the students.

Installation process

Before any new equipment was installed, DIB allowed for the removal of old equipment (such as old projectors and speakers) as ELTHAM is a valued client of DIB.

13 of the classrooms saw the installation of an EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector. With 3,500 ANSI lumens of output, the projector is able to produce bright, luminous images that ensure readability throughout the classroom. The brightness of the projector is also beneficial as the projector is interactive, meaning that it can turn any whiteboard or flat surface into a interactive touch screen without any additional hardware or drivers. Students and teachers can use their fingers or the special pens to interact with the projector. This increases student engagement and activity in the classroom, as it provides a more hands-on experience.

EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector at ELTHAM College

EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector

While the projectors come with built-in 16W speakers, DIB installed an EPSON 30 Watt speaker system to act as a form of audio reinforcement. These 2 x 15 Watt speakers, which match the projector system, are able to carry high-quality, noise-free audio throughout the classroom. A 3.5mm socket was also fitted to allow iPod/MP3 devices direct connection to the speakers without the projector needing to be on.

In the other two rooms, an EPSON EB-2155W was installed and placed in a projector cage. With 5,000 ANSI lumens of brightness and WXGA widescreen resolution, this versatile projector is perfect for any modern classroom. Thanks to its luminosity, it not only ensures the readability of any presentation or display, but it also makes them more eye-catching. Setting up the projector is made simple by the Automatic Setup feature, which adjusts focus and zoom at the touch of a button. The projector also features broad connectivity (HDMI/VGA/USB) and advanced connectivity, allowing users to present and project from a remote location. A Grandview Deluxe Manual 120″ 16:10 Projection Screen was installed for use with the projector.

EPSON EB-2155W at ELTHAM College


For some of the rooms, the existing Joey/JED control panel was reprogrammed to suit the new equipment. In other rooms, a new Joey Micro 6 was installed. These panels ensure easier use of the AV system by placing all of the functions in a centralised area, removing the need for remote controls. The panels are usually fitted to have buttons that control the volume, turn the system on and off, and select the source to be projected.

Control panel at ELTHAM College

Control panel

HDMI plates were fitted in each room to allow users to easily connect their external devices locally.

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