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Using DiscoveryLab to better assess effectiveness of school classroom layout

Classroom layout can affect the learning that takes place in the classroom, however, this is not always evident when teaching a lesson. By using video (with multiple perspectives) to observe interactions in real-time, a teacher can discover many truths about the effectiveness of the classroom layout or grouping of students in a lesson. By using DiscoveryLab for this purpose, teachers can change the physical classroom structure or groupings of students from classroom observations, so that student learning is more effective.

Having this tool is significant; as one study by UK University of Salford found;

Current findings suggest that placing an average pupil in the least effective, rather than the most effective classroom environment could affect their learning progress by as much as the average improvement across one year.

DiscoveryLab can make a huge difference in the academic outcomes of students, as it helps teachers identify these observable truths around school classroom structure. This directly correlates to how student learning is affected and identifying what steps can be made to improve the effectiveness of student learning outcomes.


Blog by Stephen Whalley
(Bachelor of Primary Education, Monash University)

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