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DiscoveryLab as a tool for videoing pre-service teachers

There was a young man who went to university to become a Primary School teacher. He enjoyed working with kids and seeing their eyes light-up when the penny dropped. He studied diligently for 4 years to get his degree and felt he was ready to become an in-service teacher. But on reflecting back through his studies, whilst gaining good insight and knowledge into teaching, he felt he had not really received very much effective feedback on his teaching practice.

Fast forward to the year 2014, and we now have many Universities making it a requirement for pre-service teachers to record and review their lessons, as part of their learning to become a fully qualified teacher. This is, of course helps pre-service teachers greatly in their skill set and experience in becoming an effective teacher. A mentoring teacher can use the video playback as a tool to guide and identify areas to improve for the pre-service teacher. It can also highlight exemplary practice and bring encouragement to the pre-service teacher.

DiscoveryLab can help pre-service teachers by providing them high quality video recordings which can be reviewed for self evaluation or with a mentor teacher. Through this learning process and application of understanding of teaching practice, teaching graduates leave university well equipped and confident in their teaching capabilities to enter the profession.


Blog by Stephen Whalley
(Bachelor of Primary Education, Monash University)


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