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Why DiscoveryLab provides more effective teacher feedback than traditional self evaluation

Reflective self-evaluation has been a long-standing practice for teachers to think about the teaching they perform. The challenge with the effectiveness of this approach is that it is generally done after a lesson and a teacher’s “filters” are in place when the evaluation take place.

By applying a technique called Microteaching, teachers can review video footage, allowing them to see what worked, which aspects have fallen short and identify what needs to be done to enhance their teaching technique. It gives them ‘observable truths’. That is what teachers need; feedback that is measurable and something that can be objectively reviewed in the future.

Many researchers, including ACER’s Prof. Geoff Masters agree that the use of real-time evaluation, such as video, give the teacher effective feedback by viewing observable truths.

Video records of what happens in classrooms can be examined from different perspectives to provide a comprehensive picture of classroom life. The technology thus provides opportunities to identify factors that enhance student learning opportunities.


Blog by Stephen Whalley (Bachelor of Primary Education, Monash University)

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