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Lumens PTZ Cameras with easy USB to DVI convertor

The Lumens series of PTZ cameras are a good BYOD conference solution. A great thing about the Lumens VC-B20DU PTZ camera is that is can be purchased with a USB to DVI convertor. This makes it easy to connect a laptop (USB) and integrate into an AV system (via DVI).

Other things that stand out in the range are the multiple inputs available, with the VC-G30 camera featuring DVI, 3G-SDI and component outputs, as well as x15 optical zoom. All cameras feature a bright f2.8 lens and have an RS-232 control interface, (some also include RS422).

The Lumens PTZ cameras are quite responsive and can achieve up to 300 degrees swivel movement per second. This speed is not always required, so a Slow, Medium or Fast speed can be selected. We trialled one of the Lumens cameras recently at DIB and found it to be quite responsive, quick to return to its set position, worked well in relatively low light and produced a nice sharp image.

Features of Lumens VC-B20DU camera
> USB 3.0 PLug and Play (Windows, Mac OS & Linux)
> Camera control interface of RS-232
> DVI-I / USB 3.0 video output interface
> x5 Zoom
> f2.8 CMOS sensor
> 1080p @ 60fps (frames per second)
> 128 preset settings
> Excellent white balance and exposure

The DVI-I / USB 3.0 box enables easy integration of the Lumens VC-B20DU camera into an AV system.

Also available from Lumens – Compact Camera Controller

Lumens VS-K20 Compact Camera Controller - DIB Audio Visual

Features include
• 4D joystick for pan/tilt/zoom/focus control, ergonomic
design and excellent finishing;
• High brightness OLED display
• Auto backlight keys
• Batch program cameras in the systems
• Multi-baud rate and protocols
• Daisy chain connect multiple cameras in larger Boardroom setting

Here is a short video on the Lumens VC-G50 camera


To download a brochure on the various PTZ cameras from Lumens, CLICK HERE

Click on the link to download the >> Lumens VC-B20DU DataSheet


For more information about Lumens VC camera technology or for assistance with an AV design for video conferencing, please contact a DIB Solutions Consultant on Phone (03) 9457-4800 or contact us