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Livestream Broadcaster – Share Your School or Work Events without Fuss

It’s becoming increasingly important to both schools and businesses to be able to share video from live events. There are some messy solutions out there which involve connecting a PC to a camera and then using a software interface to bridge the gap between the two. However, the Livestream Broadcaster makes things much easier (and cheaper) for non-technical folk who just want to broadcast their event rather than mess around with buttons and learning new systems.

The Livestream Broadcaster box connects to any camera with an HDMI output using a standard HDMI cable. It captures the output from the camera and then broadcasts the data via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi straight to the internet.

Every event is created on its own page rather than becoming part of a single giant stream on a single page. That means you can give people a specific URL to watch a single event online from; rather than asking them to wade through a bunch of events trying to find the one they want to watch.

The Livestream Broadcaster streams live HD video to any device without the need for a PC. Go live via WiFi, Ethernet or 4G USB modem.

  • Get full HD quality streaming from any HDMI camera
  • 3 hour battery life for wireless live streaming
  • Wireless multi-camera production (with Livestream Studio)
  • Remote control from your phone or the web