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CommBox Classic Interactive Touchscreen

CommBox Classic Interactive Touchscreen

Get in-touch with the CommBox Interactive Classic Series!

CommBox continues to revolutionise touch technology with their range of ultra-responsive interactive Classic touchscreens. These touchscreens can elevate your collaborative spaces, offering presenters an easier method of displaying their content whilst providing a more engaging experience for audiences.

Innovative touch technology

By combining camera and infra-red touch technologies, CommBox ensures that their Classic touchscreens are ultra-responsive and highly accurate. These touchscreens also feature multi-touch capabilities, allowing multiple people to interact with the displayed content. This can be used during presentations to create a more hands-on experience for audience members if desired.

Clear, captivating graphics

Regardless of the model’s size, the Classic range provides 4K, ultra HD resolution. With ultra sharp, clear graphics and text, presentations look more captivating and eye-catching, leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Plug & Play

It’s easier than ever to connect your devices to the touchscreen. With no drivers or calibration necessary, you can easily plug in your Windows PC, Mac or laptop and get started straight away.

An worthwhile investment

Never fall behind with technology by investing in a CommBox touchscreen. With a 17 year life expectancy and no maintenance requirements, these versatile touchscreens can keep up with the changing demands of any space.

A modern aesthetic

The sleek, modern design of the CommBox touchscreen complements the aesthetic of the space. Their stylish, streamline frame is subtle, but striking, making a statement in any room.

To learn more about the CommBox, visit the CommBox website.

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