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Epson 3LCD Technology Explained!

All modern Epson projectors boast 3LCD technology but what is the significance of this?

Brighter Colours

The main benefit of 3LCD technology is that Epson projectors are capable of displaying colours which are brighter and much more vibrant than the competition. Where most projectors focus on only White Brightness. This may suffice for a purely white pattern, but in reality presentations incorporate a myriad of colours meaning that projecting in only high White Brightness is not always enough. The 3LCD technology allows Epson projectors to deliver on both White and Colour brightness. This helps to achieve superior image quality and provide a fantastic viewing experience.

Brightness is one of the most important aspects of a projector. This technology ensures that Epson projectors can be viewed effortlessly, even in less than ideal lighting conditions where there is some degree of natural light on the projector screen.

Sharper Images

The 3LCD technology also results in sharper images  with no colour disruption. This allows for consistent display of detail. Further, the technology makes for smooth motion when videos are being displayed. Traditional projectors without 3LCD may see multiple lines or blurry images with rapid motion videos, while Epson projectors eliminate these issues altogether and ensure smooth video.

Lower Power Consumption

The final benefit of Epson 3LCD projectors is that they have higher energy efficiency than projectors without the technology. In general terms, the brighter a projector is (the more lumens it has), the more energy it will consume. This often means that better image quality can be at the cost of more power consumption. 3LCD projectors require 25% less electricity per lumen of brightness for more efficient energy use.

See below for a useful infographic about how Epson 3LCD technology works (click to enlarge):

Epson 3lcd infographic - what is epson 3lcd projector technology?

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