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EPSON document camera

EPSON’s New ELP-DC21 Document Camera

EPSON is Australia’s leading provider of audio visual products, and for good reason. They are constantly coming out with modern, powerful, and easy to use technologies for use in all sectors. Their range of projectors and imaging solutions for the classroom are some of DIB’s most popular products.

Most recently, EPSON have released the ELP-DC21 Document Camera. At the top of their range, this is their most feature-rich and capable document camera ever. While document cameras have been around for years, this latest offering by EPSON truly brings the product to the cutting-edge. The camera puts out a stunning high definition 1080p resolution. This that the image is captured with great clarity and beautiful colour. With 10x digital zoom plus 12x optical zoom, teachers can use the EPSON document camera to capture extraordinary close-up detail in the highest quality, unparalleled by any other device.

This EPSON document camera is a powerful tool for teaching. Document cameras are great for science classrooms, allowing teachers to capture 3D objects and live experiments without students having to all crowd around one bench. The ELP-DC21 EPSON document camera ensures that this is without loss of quality, recording ultra smooth video at 30 frames per second. It even comes with a microscope adapter, letting teachers share magnified images. Also, the camera is perfect for projecting books without having to stress over inconvenient, lower quality computer scans. A split-screen function provides for useful side-by-side display and comparison between a live feed and computer file.


EPSON document camera

EPSON ELP-DC21 document camera

The ELP-DC21 is able to be rotated 90 degrees to be used to capture classroom activities or as a webcam for videoconferencing. The document camera can record audio with its built-in microphone and store recordings to an SD card or computer. This latest EPSON document camera is a truly powerful and versatile product, perfect for the classroom, boardroom, lecture theatre and anywhere else.

Click here for the ELP-DC21’s full specifications.

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