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Connect to your projector wirelessly with iProjection


We often get asked at DIB Australia about connecting projectors to phones, or to a network of projectors without worrying about cables and connections.

Many of our customers look at Chromecasts, Apple TV and other third-party devices to connect to their projectors without plugging their device in directly.

Most people don’t know is that their Epson projectors* may already have some of these features built in!

The Epson iProjection app for phones and desktop


Epson iProjection is a free app on your phone, letting you connect your device to any projector in your network. Documents, web pages, and screen mirror from your phone without needing to connect it directly.

The iProjection app also lets you use your phone as a projector remote. Letting you control input, mute, menus, and zoom, all from your phone.


You can get iProjection from Google Play and the App Store here:



EasyMP Network Projection for PC and Mac


You can do the same thing for Windows computers using Epson EasyMP Network Projector. Another free application from Epson that lets you control projectors wirelessly from a computer.

EasyMP Network Projection even lets you send files from multiple computers, saving the need to pass around the cable during presentations, making the classroom a more collaborative space.

You can download EasyMP Network Projection for PC here:


Monitor the life of your projectors

Epson even has apps for your service team to monitor the life and usage of your projectors. EasyMP Network Monitor measures how long each projector in your network has been running for and calculates the bulb life.

You can save on embarrassing projector shutdowns mid-presentation by making preventative maintenance all the more easier. Your service team can replace bulbs and restore projectors before it’s too late.

We have a dedicated Service Team, including a Full-Time Manager and several service technicians. If you require any assistance with anything AV service-related, please contact our Service Team on (03) 9459-0000 or email us on info@dibaustralia.com.au

*check your model of Epson projector to ensure it is a wireless compatible model. If in doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact DIB for further assistance.