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Bosch PLE-2MAxx0-EU Plena Mixer Amplifier and simple wall controller 

Bosch Plena Mixer Amp

Bosch PLE-2MAxx0-EU Plena Mixer Amplifier and simple wall controller 

The Plena Mixer Amplifier is a high performance, professional public address unit for mixing up to six separate microphone/line signals, and any one of three separate music signals.



DIB Audiovisual use this type of product where we have situations where we want a simple background audio selection and zone control.

One really nice feature is that coloured pins can also be inserted at various positions around the volume and tone dial controls to indicate favourite settings for a particular application.

It also pairs with a nice simple wall controller panel.

PLE-WP3S2Z Wall Panel

PLE-WP3S2Z Wall Panel Controller

You can choose from up to 3 background music sources and which zone you want the audio to go to.

It’s a pretty simple way of routing audio to a couple of zones or joining them together.

Great for installations where we want audio only arrangements and a simple user interface.

This is the sort of product we’ll use where we want a lower cost, yet simple to use piece of equipment.

In terms of features, here’s some of the key points about the product:

  • The volume of each microphone/line signal can be individually adjusted to obtain the required mix; the mixed output is controlled via the master volume control and separate high/low tone controls.
  • The unit is easy to use, and provides a crisp call or clear music. The amplifier also has enhanced features such as ducking level control, priority, labelling, and setting indicators. All Microphone/line inputs can be switched between microphone level and line level sensitivity.
  • The inputs are balanced but can also be used unbalanced. Phantom power can be selected via a DIP switch to provide power to condenser microphones.

Input channels 1 and 2 can take priority over all other microphone and music inputs:

  • Input 1 can be activated by contact closure on a PTT (push to talk).  A chime can be configured to precede an announcement.
  • Input 2 can be switched automatically if a signal is available at the input, for example. if someone speaks into the microphone (VOX activation).
  • A telephone/100 V emergency input with VOX activation is also provided for easy integration with another PA system or a telephone paging system. It has its own volume control and overrides all other inputs, including the call station and inputs 1 and 2.
  • The unit also has a line output to add amplifiers for larger systems that require more output power. This output can be switched to music only, for example, so that music on hold can be provided for the telephone system.
  • Loop through input and output connections enable external sound processing equipment (for example, an equalizer or Plena feedback suppressor) to be connected between the preamplifier and the power amplifier stages.
  • A feedback suppressor can ensure feedback-free, clear speech for all microphones. Users can create custom labels for inputs, music sources, and output zones. These labels can be attached to the special holders at the front of the mixer amplifier.
  • An LED meter monitors the master output before the zone selection. This signal is also present on the headphone connector below the output meter.
  • For total reliability and ease of use, a limiter is integrated into the output stage to restrict output if the user applies too much signal.
  • The unit has 24 VDC backup input with built in 24 VDC battery charger. A separate battery charger is, therefore, not required. The charger charges the battery with a 0.5 A constant current until the battery voltage reaches 27.4 VDC. The charger then switches over to constant voltage charging (also known as float charging).

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