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Audac XMP44 audio switcher

Audac XMP44 audio switcher

The XMP44 is a professional modular audio system with 4 SourceCon™ interface card slots where a wide variety of optional modules can be installed.

At DIB Audiovisual we generally use the XMP44 with our school clients in their Public Address Systems. Pairing the XMP44 with the FMP40 voice media file player module is a great low cost core piece of hardware that will allow the school to setup music, bell timers and voice messages.

We asked the AUDAC Brand Manager for their thoughts on the product:

“The XMP44 would be connected to your school’s Ethernet network and as such, any PC on the network would have the ability to access and control the bell system, by navigating to the correct device IP address and entering the system password.school would also need to supply the ‘bell’ tone (and any other tones that they want) as an audio file to be loaded into the FMP40. Our system is essentially an intelligent audio file player which can be triggered via a timed events as well as via contact closure (which would allow you to install a manual ‘bell’ button if the school requires it for special situations.)”

As well as the FMP Voice Media file player module, there are three other modules you can pair with the XMP44.

These are:

BMP40 – Professional Bluetooth Module

The BMP40 receiver offers wireless connection possibilities for audio playback from any Bluetooth compatible portable device including laptops, smartphones, tablets or any other. A long range transmission distance (up to 30 meters) is possible depending on the installed environment.

Device discovery and pairing protection with a storage up to 8 authorized devices shall prevent playback from unauthorized users in public area’s. All media information such as track and artist information can be retrieved from the BMP40 (if supported by the connected device), while playback control is possible from the connected device or remote control.

DMP40 – DAB/DAB+ & FM Tuner Module

The DMP40 is a professional DAB/DAB+ & FM tuner featuring SourceCon™ modular technology. This unique technology guarantees true plug & play implementation to any compatible device. When inserted to a supporting slot, the module is instantly installed, discovered and ready for operation without requiring any additional internal wiring or complex configuration. The DMP40 provides access to a wide variation of radio stations while guaranteeing a high-quality audio reproduction. Station selection can be done manually or automatically, while up to 10 preferred channels can be internally stored and recalled.

Radio station information carried by RDS / Radiotext can be retrieved, while other functions such as mono/stereo switching (FM) always guarantee the best possible audio clarity. The signal output level is user configurable, while dynamic range compression (DRC) is supported, improving the intelligibility for low volumes in applications with high levels of background noise. Signal reception strength can be retrieved from the module and indicated on the graphical interface of the controlling device. The antenna input is implemented by an F-type connector on its panel, allowing connection of the included antenna cable or any other external antenna using 75 O coaxial cabling. The balanced stereo line output is connected through two 3-pin terminal block connections.

ANX44 – Dante Audio Network Interface 

The ANX44 is a Dante audio network interface for installation in the XMP44 professional modular audio system, featuring four input and four output channels. The installation of this optional module allows the XMP44 to be integrated into any DANTE enabled AV network and flawlessly transfer digital audio with any compatible product on the market.

The bidirectional audio exchange with the 4 SourceCon™ interface card slots allows distribution of the audio stream from the installed modules, allowing any radio tuner, media player, internet radio or other audio source distribution throughout your Dante network.



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