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LCD vs Projector: Which is best for the classroom?

With many of DIB’s clients when upgrading a classroom space or workplace training room we hear the question “Should I install an LCD panel or a projector?”.

While there is no right answer, and each room is to be considered on a case-by-case basis, we will discuss a few key features below which we hope will help inform the right decision.

Traditionally, projectors were the dominant audio-visual choice for the classroom as they were much cheaper for a large size screen. While they were initially of a lower grade resolution than LCD’s with problems such as disruptive shadows and low brightness a lot of these issues have been remedied. However, now with the price of LCD’s dropping the choice between LCD and projector remains pertinent.

Currently, the most popular projectors installed are ultra-short-throw projectors which have large scale projection, interactive capabilities, full HD and lamp life lasting up to 10 000 hours. This means the projectors have a better resolution, are unaffected by shadows and require less maintenance than previous projector models.

Most importantly, the use of projectors allows whiteboards to remain in place within the classroom. While it was assumed that whiteboards would be fazed out of educational equipment the simplicity and reliability as a learning tool has remained steadfast. As they continue to be valued by teachers and students it is a distinct advantage that projectors can function concurrently with whiteboards.

Contrastingly, the latest LCD panels boast 4K resolution, which is 4 times finer than High Definition. This high quality provides vivid colours and bright whites and the panel remains completely unaffected by glare or shadows. Additionally, the LCD panel has superior touch technology and the speed of interactivity is greater than the equivalent projector. The LCD has very minimal maintenance with 50 000 hours of running time without any need of service or update. Moreover, the LCD panel has a sleek and modern finish which is preferable to many schools wishing to maintain a contemporary look in the classroom.

While the price of the LCD and projector is comparable at a 65″ size, as the size increases the projectors become much cheaper for a large size image. To compare the purchase and installation of a 90″-100″ size image, a projector would be half the price of an LCD panel.

Due to the continued use of whiteboards and significant price difference at a large scale, the ultra-short-throw projectors remain superior at the intersection of value and performance and are suitable for most clients. However, if the highest quality image is your main area of concern the LCD is the one for you.

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