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The full system at Richmond Town Hall

The full system at Richmond Town Hall

Refreshing Richmond Town Hall with new AV resources

The Richmond Town Hall is a large hall space that can accommodate up to 200 people within its walls. This versatile space can be used by the community for a variety of different events and functions, such as dinners, weddings and trivia nights. As the Richmond Town Hall has folding partitions, the hall can be split into three different spaces, which can further be used for conferences and smaller meetings.

DIB worked with Yarra City Council to install new audiovisual equipment inside the Richmond Town Hall. This involved three projector systems that can be used individually when the hall is separated into three spaces.

Example projection on a Grandview screen at Richmond Town Hall
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Installation process

Two EPSON EB-G7200WNL, along with motorised 180″ Grandview projector screens, were installed in two sections of the hall. These versatile, powerful projectors can effectively anticipate the needs of the users, which is crucial for a multi-purpose space like the Richmond Town Hall. With 7,500 ANSI lumens of brightness, this projector can produce ultra-bright, vibrant images that ensure readability and visibility throughout the space. Combine this with the projector’s other features, such as split screen capabilities and a wide range of connectivity options (such as HDMI and VGA), the projector can be used as flexibly as the space it was installed in.

The third section of the hall saw the installation of an EPSON EB-G7000WNL Projector. Much like the EB-G7200WNL, this high performance projector is noted for its 6500 ANSI lumens of brightness. This projector was paired with a motorised 120″ Grandview projector screen.

Each room was fitted with an Extron TLP Pro 720M. This 7″ wall-mounted touch panel, which features a high resolution, LCD touchscreen, can be customisable and programmed with features that suit the user’s needs. For this space, the touch panel allows users to turn the smaller and larger projector systems on and off.

Various inputs and outputs were installed in the space. XLR microphone inputs were fitted in the room to allow users to connect microphones should the need arise. HDMI inputs were installed so that users can easily connect their devices to the system.

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