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Resurrection Church – Chapel Audio Upgrade installation

Having provided effective AV solutions for previous projects at Resurrection Catholic Church, when the parish were looking to upgrade their Audio System, they contacted DIB to consult and develop an AV solution for an audio upgrade in their chapel.

The purpose of the works was to upgrade the existing audio system in the church and make it easy-to-use for the operator. As with many traditional AV desks, there are many mixing control dials on the desk. This can create many problems if these specific controls are played with by untrained people. A key element of the upgrade was to eliminate this type of tampering, which can cause changes in the output and characteristics of the audio system.

DIB consulted heavily to determine the specific requirements needed with the upgrade. This included determining exactly what they wanted the system to do and identifying what level of control they required.

Ressurection Audio control panels installation (M)

Custom-made cabinets were designed to conceal the control panels. These were purposefully designed with a key lock, thus allowing access to these control panels only by authorised personnel. By installing the Joey Lite control panel, this created a simple interface for control of inputs on the system and an Ashly Fader Remote 16 Channel (+ Master) to simply switch on/off the desired microphone or device and simply adjust the the volume levels as needed. (see photos below). New microphone inputs were also installed below the Joey Lite control panel to give option and flexibility of using wired microphones if required.

Ressurection Custom Box for Ashly Fader Remote 16 Channel + Master (M)Resurection Joey Lite control panel (M)Ressurection Ashly Fader Remote 16 Channel + Master (M)

DIB used a Lab Gruppen E-Series amplifier and the Ashly Protea DSP Matrix Processor Lab in the new system, which allowed technicians to program and preconfigure the output levels in the system. This was then set behind a security panel in the Dueltek 47 RU AV rack Lab  to prevent any tampering with any control levels or audio effects. Another component in the AV rack was the Tascam CD-200i CD player with iPod dock.

Ressurection Dueltek 37RU AV Rack Lab Gruppen E-series amp (M)

The Sennheiser microphone brand was selected for its high quality and reliability. Two Sennheiser EW-322 G3 lapel microphones and three Sennheiser EW-345 G3 handheld microphones were selected for this audio upgrade. Australian Monitor VL8 speakers were also installed to give better clarity, as they use a narrower sound projection angle for the sound to travel in. This gives a controlled angle of audio output that was directed towards the congregation.

The end result of the audio upgrade was a vastly simplified system to operate, better reliability of audio output, a much better sound output and far better clarity. All of these factors were important to the client and is attributed to DIB’s ethos of creating AV systems that are a joy to use and simple to operate.

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