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Epson EB-G6750 puts a new spin on things at Ashburton Pool

Fitness Centres and Health Clubs can be unique places to provide suitable AV solutions, with various types of exercise rooms and areas throughout. The Ashburton Pool is no different. DIB Audio Visual provided AV solutions for many areas across the complex, including the main entrance, main gym, program rooms as well as a meeting room. This blog will focus on the Spin Room at the Ashburton Pool.

Whilst at a glance, providing AV for a Spin Room seems straightforward, there were several things that DIB Solutions Consultant, James Ridd took into consideration when designing an AV system. In close consultation with staff at Ashburton Pool, James designed a great AV solution for the space.

The main display that was chosen was the Epson G-6750WUNL (WUXGA) widescreen G-series Full-HD projector. It was mounted centrally in the room, providing 6,000 lumens of brightness to the display area. This is almost double the lumens (brightness) output given from Epson Ultra Short Throw projectors.

Ashburton Pool - Spin Room - Epson EB-G6750 projector - (med)

Epson EB-G6750 projector

A pair of Belgium-designed Apart OVO8 active speakers (OVO8P-W) were included as part of the installation, which provided 160W of great quality audio throughout the spin room. These speakers have a high quality case to provide a clear, deep bass sound, which is important in this type of room to give class participants a motivating pumping beat, without the typical distortion that becomes apparent in lower quality speakers. The speakers are nicely curved, which also adds an aesthetically-pleasing finish to the room.

Ashburton Pool - Spin Room - Apart OVO8P active speakers (med)

Apart OVO8P active speakers

For this room a unique, easy-to-use audio solution for class instructors was required. It came in the form of a MIPRO belt pack microphone (ACT707TE). This allows the instructors to give clear instructions to the class, whilst being hands-free. A simple clip-on arrangement for the belt pack allows for the instructor to easily use the microphone set up.

Finally all the hardware components, including an Australian Monitor CD/MP3 player and AM/FM tuner (MYMTCD) were installed a small 6RU AV rack, which was mounted out of the way in the corner of the spin room. This allows for simple playback of music via CD, MP3 player or  AM/FM tuner during spin classes.

Ashburton Pool - Spin Room - Australian Monitor AM CD&MP3 player MYMTCD - (med)

Australian Monitor AM CD&MP3 player MYMTCD in AV rack

All in all, a wonderful AV solution has been installed for this unique program room, where both instructor and member can enjoy the long term benefits, both while they are in the spin class and into the future as they improve their overall fitness!

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