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In a series of blog posts, we show you how DIB Audio Visual helped transform Brighton’s historic Trinity Uniting Church.

A point of failure of many audiovisual systems is their complexity. Most users only need the basic features of an audiovisual system – sound and image. Yet in most cases in order to access these basic features, users are faced with row upon row of flashing lights, knobs and dials, most of which are not needed in typical day-to-day use

DIB Audio Visual believes that a simple-to-use interface is the best solution when designing audiovisual systems for general use. The objective of any control system interface is the absolute simplicity of operation, where 80% of user requirements are accessible within one button press – three as a maximum.

Brighton’s historic Trinity Uniting Church turned to DIB Audio Visual to upgrade its audiovisual presentation system.

Advanced design ensures simple control and operation
For Trinity Uniting Church, DIB Audio Visual selected an Extron 7″  touchscreen control panel. The touchscreen panel was wall-mounted and set up to provide very intuitive simplified control of the Church’s audiovisual system. An easy to navigate screen was developed allowing general users to access most of the AV applications, such as on/off, audio levels, input selector, in one to three touches of the screen.  Any advanced functions required were shifted to an advanced menu page.

An Extron 7″  touchscreen control panel helps simplify AV equipment operation.

This system also allows for control via an IPAD. The touchscreen panel was paired with an Extron IPL Pro S3 processor which supports full IP control and 3 x RS232 serial ports for system configuration and control.

Locking down to add simplicity
A power control panel was installed to protect expensive audio and control systems from power surges. The control panel also powers up the system from a fully off state in the correct sequence to avoid unwanted pops and noises. Users are able to activate the system with one button press at the control panel, doing away with the need to activate individual pieces of equipment. With the simplified control panel in place, security covers were installed over individual pieces of equipment. This denied access to sensitive equipment general users no longer needed access to, ensuring that finely-tuned settings, such as audio, remained at optimal levels. 

This is only part of the story of how DIB AV helped transform Trinity Uniting Church’s AV system. In our next blog post, learn how DIB Audio Visual’s sound advice hit the right notes.