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Chirnside Park Installation

Chirnside Park Installation

Fresh AV equipment for a revamped Chirnside Park Hub

The Chirnside Park Hub is a major recreational and sporting precinct that provides a wide range of facilities (such as multi-purpose rooms and training spaces) to Wyndham residents. This recent upgrade of the Chirnside Park Hub aimed to transform the building into a state-of-the-art facility, improving existing facilities and including new ones, for the benefit of the whole community.

DIB worked closely with the architects on the project to provide new audiovisual equipment for the Hub. This involved the installation of various projectors and signage screens throughout two levels of the building.

Chirnside Park Hub installation
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Installation process

Installations in functions room comprised the bulk of this project. Three Epson EB-G7200W projectors, which projected onto three Grandview 140″ motorised screens, were installed in the rooms. The EB-G7200W is well suited to fulfill the AV needs in larger shared spaces. With 7,500 lumens of colour/white light outputs and WXGA (1200×800) resolution, it is able to produce large images with rich, vivid colours, which is perfect for presentations. An LG 65″ display was also installed. All of these screens were built into the ceiling cavity to allow the screens to be hidden when not in use.

The systems in these function rooms can be used individually as stand alone rooms or the systems can be combined, allowing the same image to be displayed on all four screens at once using the Extron TLP 520M wall mounted touch control panels. The installed Sennheiser wireless microphones can also be used individually or in combined mode. The rooms also have HDMI inputs, which allow users to connect their laptops to the projector. 

The audio system for the rooms consists of ceiling speakers cabled back to an amplifier in the rack, which allows audio to be played throughout the system via two 3.5mm audio input plates. By connecting MP3 devices such as iPhones, iPods etc, users can play audio from their devices to the speakers. 

DIB also installed equipment in two other rooms: a Conference room and a Multi-Purpose room. In the Conference room, an Epson EB-1460Ui Finger Touch Interactive Projector was installed. With the ability to transform flat surfaces into an interactive whiteboard, users can use their fingers or the special pens to annotate on any projected displays. Because of this more hands on approach, group activities are made more exciting. The interactivity of the projector makes it easier to engage people and compel them to participate. The projector also allows up to 50 pages of notes to be captured and saved to a USB stick.

The Multi-Purpose room saw the installation of a ceiling mounted Epson EB-2250U projector and a Grandview 120″ motorised screen. With WUXGA image resolution (1920 x 1200) and 5,500 lumens of brightness, this versatile projector is able to cater to any audiovisual requirement, whether it be for presentations or for meetings. This room also has a HDMI input plate for the connection of a laptop and ceiling mounted speakers for audio reinforcement.

The final part of the project was the installation of external Bose DS 100SE speakers in the Grandstand. This allows music and announcements made from a different room to be heard through the Grandstand. 

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