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EPSON EB-Z11000WNL projector and projector screen at Balwyn Primary

EPSON EB-Z11000WNL projector and projector screen

An EPSON EB-Z11000WNL for Balwyn Primary

Balwyn Primary School strives to cultivate a learning community where educational excellence is the norm. With a vibrant curriculum that caters for the students’ needs, as Balwyn Primary acknowledges that different students learn differently and at different rates, the school hopes to develop a love of learning within students. The school also aims to shape students into responsible, creative and critical thinkers that are better prepared for the world beyond the classroom.

Balwyn Primary worked with DIB in upgrading the AV system in their main hall. After consulting with the client and ascertaining their needs for the space, DIB created a technological solution that would cater for these needs.

EPSON EB-Z11000WNL projector and projector screen at Balwyn Primary
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Installation process

An EPSON EB-Z11000WNL projector was installed in the main hall. With 11,000 ANSI lumens of
brightness and WXGA resolution, this projector is capable of producing ultra-bright, high-quality images in any environment, which is essential for large spaces such as a hall. Coupled with the projector’s 3LCD, 3-chip technology, the projected images are not only more vibrant and luminous, but the projector works more reliably. A durable, white cage enclosed the projector, keeping it safe from accidental impacts or theft. An 180″ motorised Grandview projector screen was also fitted alongside the projector.

Four Australian Monitor ICON audio control panels were installed at the front and rear of the hall. These panels are designed to simplify audio control for the system, letting users adjust only the settings they need for day to day use.

For powerful, high-quality sound reinforcement in the hall, DIB mounted two 12″ Community V2-1296 Loudspeakers, which were further powered by an Australian Monitor AMB1200 Power Amplifier. These speakers ensure that audio can be carried throughout the hall, allowing everyone in the space to hear the sound playing in the room. Two 3.5mm audio connections fitted by DIB can also be used to connect an audio device, like an iPod or a MP3 player, directly to the speakers, letting audio play through the audio system while the projector system is turned off.

A Lectrum L20S lectern with a Beyer Gooseneck Microphone was installed in the hall. The sleek and neatly designed lectern is a popular choice for schools and universities, featuring two XLR micophone input points and a reading light. The lectern was fitted with a gooseneck microphone, which allows for high-quality, noise-free audio transmission.

DIB fitted a Joey Micro 9 wall control panel for easier control of the system. The panels are usually set up with buttons that turn the system on and off, control the volume and selecting the source to be projected.

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