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The full system at Caulfield Grammar

The full system

A revamped AV system for Caulfield Grammar chapel

Caulfield Grammar School prides itself on being an internationally recognised, co-educational school that understands the importance of providing a high-quality education for its students. In putting quality teaching and learning at the foreground of their school ethos, Caulfield Grammar ensures that their learning programs are dynamic and responsive to the changing nature of society, better fostering students into responsible, prepared global citizens ready to tackle the world beyond the classroom. In achieving this goal, Caulfield Grammar employs the use of innovative learning technologies, encouraging students to capitalise on the resources that are ubiquitous in their daily lives.

Caulfield Grammar’s extensive relationship with DIB meant that when it came to upgrading the audiovisual system within the school’s chapel, DIB was chosen to tackle this project.

Installation process

Philips monitors in full display at Caulfield Grammar
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55″ Philips displays were installed within the chapel, fitted into existing ceiling mounts that retract back into the ceiling for a flush effect. Featuring full HD, 1920×1080 resolution, these monitors are capable of delivering high-quality, vibrant images with crisp details. This ensures that any content displayed is not only readable from anywhere in the chapel, but that no details are lost or obscured.

A new HDMI system was also fitted inside the chapel. This new system features Kramer Switcher, a HDMI wall input, and Blackmagic HDMI to SDI converters. All of these components work together to provide the user with four separate HDMI inputs through which they can share content through the Philips displays.

DIB installed a Beyerdynamic lectern-style microphone system for better audio production. With a microphone that can directionally pick up audio from two separate speakers, this lectern system is perfect for conducting presentations. The lectern mic is connected to the chapel’s audio system using a Sennheiser receiver and transmitter. DIB also provided a wireless microphone and a lapel microphone to cater for any occasion.

The chapel’s audio system was also revamped with the installation of an Extron audio processor, which makes it easier for users to control audio from various inputs, and six premium Community pendant speakers. These high performance speakers provide exceptional sound coverage, giving the audience a balanced listening experience. The chapel’s existing audio system was also integrated to support the new audiovisual equipment installed.

In wanting to provide a more streamlined way of controlling the audiovisual equipment, DIB installed an Extron Pro touch control panel. This wall-mounted, 7″ touchscreen provides a very intuitive and simplified AV system, where users can access 80% of all the system’s functions with one button press. This helps to both reduce confusion and wasted time when it comes to using the system.

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