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What is echo cancellation and how does it relate to AV?

Vaddio Easytalk-audio-bundle- DIB Audio Visual

Vaddio Easytalk system with Echo Cancellation technology

Echo cancellation is a means of eliminating echo from an audio path. For example, echo may occur in a video conferencing or audio conferencing situation. The technology works by first detecting the original transmitted signal that reappears (with some delay) in either the the transmitted or received signal. Once this echo is recognised, it can then be removed from the transmitted or received signal, thus eliminating the echo that was there.  This is why echo cancellation technology is of particular importance with Video / Audio Conferencing.

The diagram below illustrates how sound waves are reflected and create an echo. This is the signal that a microphone would pick up and re-broadcast in a Video / Audio Conferencing situation. The echo cancellation technology recognises the same signal has appeared twice and removes it before it is rebroadcast.

Echo Cancellation in AV - Example - DIB Audio Visual (med)

Visual diagram of how echo can effect audio in video conferencing

Some of the video conferencing (VC) technology brands within the AV industry include Vaddio and Polycom. Both of these brands produce high quality simple solutions for video conferencing, with echo cancellation technology built in. There are many offerings in the marketplace, however, Vaddio and Polycom have high quality, straightforward systems that we know are generally of a high standard.

In most instances, audio, not video, is the vital part of a video conference and where communication can break down. Having high quality echo-cancellation technology built into your video conferencing AV system can help eliminate this and give you a pleasant video conferencing experience.

For more information about echo cancellation technology or for assistance with an AV design for video conferencing, please contact a DIB Solutions Consultant on Phone (03) 9457-4800 or contact us