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What is a 3.5mm connector?

3.5mm Audio connector - DIB Audio Visual (1)

A 3.5mm connector has been typically used in AV systems to provide the Audio component for a VGA connection. This is also why there is no audio if either end of the cable is not connected to your laptop/device or AV system input plate.

Other commonly used applications for the 3.5mm connector are headphones for mp3 players, such as an iPod.

A more recent application for the 3.5mm connector is for Audio-Only playback in an AV system. This is a popular option, as it allows for audio playback without the need to turn on the whole AV system. Plugging one end of the 3.5mm connector to the input plate and the other to your device, you can now play music or audios using the speakers in the space.

These are the three most commonly used applications for the 3.5mm connector. If you have other questions about the 3.5mm connector or for more information about audio-only playback in an AV system, please contact a DIB Solutions Consultant on 9457-4800 or Contact Us