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Connect to your projector wirelessly with iProjection

We often get asked at DIB Australia about connecting projectors to phones, or to a network of projectors without worrying about cables and connections. Many of our customers look at Chromecasts, Apple TV and other third-party devices to connect to their projectors without plugging their device in directly. Most people don’t know is that their […]... Read More »

EPSON’s New ELP-DC21 Document Camera

EPSON is Australia’s leading provider of audio visual products, and for good reason. They are constantly coming out with modern, powerful, and easy to use technologies for use in all sectors. Their range of projectors and imaging solutions for the classroom are some of DIB’s most popular products. Most recently, EPSON have released the ELP-DC21 […]... Read More »

State of the Art Audio Visual Installation for Aitken College Food Technology Centre

Aitken College is an independent highly acclaimed co-education P-12 school, situated on a scenic countryside property stretching 18 hectares. The College is truly something special, set out like a ‘small village’ with streets between classrooms and a distinctly rural vibe. The school excels at creating a homely environment and instilling community spirit in the Aitken’s students. Within this appearance […]... Read More »

Epson DC-20 Document Camera

Epson DC-20 Named Winner of Learning Magazine 2013 Teachers' Choice Award For the Classroom. This camera lets you display everything from a textbook spread to 3-D objects to content from your iPad... Read More »

NEW ELP-DC12 EPSON document camera

The exciting new EPSON document camera allows educators to record still and video images, record time lapse and even annotate directly on these images all without the use of any PC - just the document camera itself and all for less than AUS $599... Read More »