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EPSON EB-585W overhead projector

John Monash Science School Equips Classrooms With Modern Projectors

John Monash Science School is Victoria’s first specialist science secondary school. JMSS focuses on science, mathematics, and associated technologies. Having only opened recently in 2010, the school boasts a modern campus, making great use of technology in the classroom. The campus includes unique learning spaces, molded towards the school’s specialisation in the sciences. JMSS is a previous client of DIB Australia. DIB’s last work for them involved AV upgrades for 10 rooms. This time JMSS came to the team at DIB for the installation of brand new projectors in two of their classrooms.

After meetings and cooperation with the school, the DIB audio visual consultant chose the EPSON EB-585W projector for installation. The EB-585W is molded chiefly for the classroom. It produces a beautiful image, with a high contrast and colour brightness. A strong display is critical to any projector in the classroom so that students can effortlessly view the projection from all over the room.

EPSON EB-585W overhead projector

EPSON EB-585W ultra short throw projector

The EB-585W overhead projector features an ultra short throw design. This means it sits above the whiteboard, very close to the wall as shown in the accompanying images. There are multiple advantages to this. First, it means that the projector is out of the way and largely unobtrusive, blending with classroom surroundings. More importantly, the ultra short throw means that teachers or presenters don’t have to worry about casting shadows over the projection or getting blinded when standing in front of the screen.

DIB reprogrammed each classroom’s existing projector control panel to suit the new projector. This way teachers could interface with the new overhead projector using technology that they are comfortable with. A HDMI input wall plate connection was installed by the DIB team, allowing laptops can be connected to the projector using just a single cable. With this configuration, teachers can set up presentations and go on with their lesson trouble-free.

overhead projector wall control panel and HDMI input

Projector wall control panel and HDMI input

Click here for the EPSON EB-585W’s full specs.

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