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epson eb-1430 meetingmate interactive projector

State of the Art Interactive Classroom Upgrades at Caulfield Grammar School

Across its 5 campuses, Caulfield Grammar School provides quality teaching and quality learning. The school has a culture of learning, state-of-the-art facilities and an unmatched focus on staff professional development. DIB have worked with Caulfield Grammar across many installations to bring them the very best in educational technology.

DIB Australia recently worked with Caulfield Grammar School to handle audio visual upgrades for eight junior classroom at the Wheelers Hill Campus. A site visit was performed by a DIB AV specialist and a brand new projector system was designed and installed in each space. The team took care of every aspect of the upgrades, including removing all the old equipment before installing the new classroom systems. The installations in each room included Epson MeetingMate interactive projectors, AppleTV boxes for wireless connection, and high quality speakers.

The Epson EB-1430 MeetingMate was chosen as it represents the peak of interactive technology currently on the market. It is Epson’s most complete offering yet, with finger touch capabilities, the ability to be used independently of a laptop, and much more. Finger touch is especially beneficial in junior classrooms. Instead of fiddling around with special interactive pens, students and teachers have the option of using just a finger for a more intuitive and natural experience. The MeetingMate also boasts a split screen function, allowing two different sources to be displayed side-by-side. This can be useful for sharing group work and encouraging collaboration.

Epson MeetingMate projector system

The Epson MeetingMate interactive projector system turned off

The MeetingMate interactive projector also produces a finely detailed image that can easily  be viewed from all over the classroom space. This makes for a fantastic audio visual experience when combined with the high quality speaker system installed in each classroom by DIB.

Epson MeetingMate interactive projector system

Epson MeetingMate interactive projector system

Along with traditional connection methods like HDMI and VGA  cables, an AppleTV box was installed in each room. These allow the projectors to be connected to wirelessly by any Apple device such as an iPad or MacBook, encouraging collaboration and making it quick and effortless to share content onto the classroom’s big screen.

Extron control panel and USB save plate

Extron control panel and USB save plate

Finally, an Extron MLC62 control panel was installed in each room. These wall panels were custom programmed by DIB to provide staff with an easy way to control the classroom system as a whole. Each Extron MLC62 was installed with individual buttons to choose from the different sources and interactive whiteboard modes. The buttons are also backlit to indicate which state the system is in.

This set of classroom upgrades will hold their own for many years to come and allow further engagement and collaboration at Caulfield Grammar School.

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