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Be it a single classroom or a set of 100 classrooms, we are able to work with you to help find the best solution for you and your budget. With new buildings being constructed, we are able to help from the planning phase even before the building has begun to be constructed. This can enable us to suggest room designs and power and data locations that would best suit your audio visual requirements.

Take a look at our Classroom Portfolio to see examples of how we have helped schools and other educational institutions achieve their audio visual goals.

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Recent Classroom Installations

More interactivity for Star of the Sea learning spaces

For over 135 years, Star of the Sea College aims to provide a comprehensive, holistic education to young women. The curriculum and co-curricular programs at Star of the Sea are vibrant and varied, giving every young woman the opportunity to explore their interests and find their passions. Star of the Sea also fosters a learning environment […]... Read More »

Audiovisual renovations for three Box Hill High classrooms

Since its establishment in 1930, Box Hill High School has a long history of academic excellence and their consistent, strong commitment to fostering a vibrant and nurturing learning community for its students. Box Hill High places the emotional and social development of their students at the foreground, which is equally as important as achieving excellent results. Students […]... Read More »

Various installs in seven Mentone Girls’ Grammar spaces pt. 2

Mentone Girls’ Grammar is a trailblazer in girls’ education, earning a world-class reputation and a track-record of success since 1899. Mentone Girls’ Grammar aims to empower girls to strive for excellence and to shape them into global citizens who have the skills, capabilities and mindset seize opportunities and to make a difference. The school continues to be progressive, outward-looking […]... Read More »

New Classroom Products

DiscoveryLab: a revolutionary lesson recorder

A DiscoveryLab system is an essential resource for the modern classroom. At its core, the DiscoveryLab gives teachers the ability to record their lessons with the Classroom Capture mode. As a result, the DiscoveryLab can benefit both teachers and students in different ways. For students, recordings can be a useful tool for students in revising, […]... Read More »

Transform your classroom with the Vivi

During lessons, it is important that the equipment within the classroom is diverse and flexible in order to anticipate any needs that students and staff may have. For this purpose, the Vivi is perfect. The Vivi changes the educational landscape thanks to its screen mirroring technology, transforming the classroom into an interactive, collaborative learning space that […]... Read More »

The durability of the CommBox

The CommBox introduces an element of interactivity to the modern classroom, prompting more student engagement with lessons. As such, the Commboxes need to endure and last a long time, and able to withstand anything thrown its way. CommBox released a video to showcase the toughness of their CommBox Classic Touchscreens. The company invited two students to […]... Read More »