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Be it a single classroom or a set of 100 classrooms, we are able to work with you to help find the best solution for you and your budget. With new buildings being constructed, we are able to help from the planning phase even before the building has begun to be constructed. This can enable us to suggest room designs and power and data locations that would best suit your audio visual requirements.

Take a look at our Classroom Portfolio to see examples of how we have helped schools and other educational institutions achieve their audio visual goals.

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Recent Classroom Installations

Flashy LED touchscreens for Hume Anglican Grammar

Hume Anglican Grammar is a progressive, coeducational school that offers a comprehensive, holistic education from Prep to Year 12. In fostering a caring and inclusive Christian environment where the best in students are seen, students are encouraged to achieve academic excellence and inspired to hold a life-long love of learning. In doing so, Hume Anglican […]... Read More »

Technology transformations for Fitzroy High classrooms

Fitzroy High aims to equip their students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed and excel in their future endeavours, allowing them to adapt and navigate an ever-changing world. Fitzroy High does this by providing a comprehensive education, supplemented by various opportunities that hope to expand the student’s horizon. The school caters for the […]... Read More »

OACC classroom sees projector upgrade

With campuses in Keilor and Taylors Lake, Overnewton Anglican Community College (OACC) strives to cultivate a community of forward-thinking, independent learners who not only embrace the future, but are better equipped to tackle and make the most of future opportunities. OACC is dedicated in creating a respectful, empowering environment where students and staff work together […]... Read More »

New Classroom Products

Transform your classroom with the Vivi

During lessons, it is important that the equipment within the classroom is diverse and flexible in order to anticipate any needs that students and staff may have. For this purpose, the Vivi is perfect. The Vivi changes the educational landscape thanks to its screen mirroring technology, transforming the classroom into an interactive, collaborative learning space that […]... Read More »

The durability of the CommBox

The CommBox introduces an element of interactivity to the modern classroom, prompting more student engagement with lessons. As such, the Commboxes need to endure and last a long time, and able to withstand anything thrown its way. CommBox released a video to showcase the toughness of their CommBox Classic Touchscreens. The company invited two students to […]... Read More »

Elevate classroom collaboration with the EB-710Ui

Epson’s EB-710Ui is an interactive ultra-short-throw projector that offers the possibility of more collaborative lessons in the classroom. With features that promote greater sharing and participation in the classroom, this projector shifts the paradigms associated with a more hands-on lesson, optimising the limited lesson time for maximum learning output. A more interactive and engaging classroom […]... Read More »