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Be it a single classroom or a set of 100 classrooms, we are able to work with you to help find the best solution for you and your budget. With new buildings being constructed, we are able to help from the planning phase even before the building has begun to be constructed. This can enable us to suggest room designs and power and data locations that would best suit your audio visual requirements.

Take a look at our Classroom Portfolio to see examples of how we have helped schools and other educational institutions achieve their audio visual goals.

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Recent Classroom Installations

15 Brighton Grammar School classrooms revamped

Brighton Grammar School is an Anglican school for boys. With a passion for developing, inspiring and guiding each boy on his journey to manhood, the school aims to provide an environment where students feel like they belong. In this welcoming environment, students are encouraged to “speak with integrity, listen empathetically, connect with others respectfully and empowered […]... Read More »

Aitken College’s learning centre gains interactive projectors

Aitken College prides itself on establishing an environment in which students are able to reach their full potential, expanding their skills and intellect while developing self-esteem and confidence. Guided by a diverse and imaginative curriculum, students are encouraged to use their expanding knowledge as a basis for investigation, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. The College encourages […]... Read More »

Increased interactivity at Bellbridge Primary

Bellbridge Primary aims to educate students in a learning community where they can be supported in their learning and step out of their comfort zone by engaging in new opportunities and endeavours. They encourage positive behavior in order to create a cohesive learning environment where students and staff alike can feel safe. Moreover, Bellbridge Primary places a […]... Read More »

New Classroom Products

Elevate classroom collaboration with the EB-710Ui

Epson’s EB-710Ui is an interactive ultra-short-throw projector that offers the possibility of more collaborative lessons in the classroom. With features that promote greater sharing and participation in the classroom, this projector shifts the paradigms associated with a more hands-on lesson, optimising the limited lesson time for maximum learning output. A more interactive and engaging classroom […]... Read More »

Get a closer look with the Epson ELP-DC12 Document Camera

The Epson ELP-DC12 Document Camera enables users to turn their existing projector into a fully interactive Education creativity tool. The document camera is lightweight and compact enough to take with you from room to room. The document camera can be used for more than just projecting documents. There is also an attachment that can be […]... Read More »

You’ve got the touch with the Commbox Interactive Pulse

DIB Australia was recently at the Integrate-expo, looking at the latest AV products to bring to your classrooms. There was a range of great new products out there that can make a difference in education, here is just one that stood out to the team: The CommBox interactive Pulse are a new series of 70″ […]... Read More »