Classroom Portable Solutions

Be it a single classroom or a set of 100 classrooms, we are able to work with you to help find the best solution for you and your budget. With new buildings being constructed, we are able to help from the planning phase even before the building has begun to be constructed. This can enable us to suggest room designs and power and data locations that would best suit your audio visual requirements.

Take a look at our Classroom Portable Portfolio to see examples of how we have helped schools and other educational institutions achieve their audio visual goals.

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Recent Classroom Portable Solutions

Fresh portable AV installs at Balwyn High School

Balwyn High School, located in Balwyn North, strives to be the benchmark for educational excellence. Dedicated in fostering intellectual growth and personal development within their students, the school provides a foundation of future success for their students.They are committed to assisting young people become resilient, independent and lifelong learners with the capacity to solve problems, think creatively and […]... Read More »

Portable Hitachi Touchscreen Trolley System for Mentone Girls

DIB have worked closely with Mentone Girls’ Grammar School to install modern education technology across many of their classrooms. Recently, the school wanted to bring interactive displays to their art classes. The DIB team designed an interactive solution so that they could share the technology between multiple classrooms as needed. With this setup, the interactive […]... Read More »

Lloyd Street Primary School – Getting Interactive

“Our preps and our prep teachers absolutely love their iJuniors and they are used every day. The LCD side is used for word work, interactive maths activities, Youtube provocations, displaying photos and recordings of students reading and much more. The whiteboard side is the main whiteboard used by the teachers and doubles as a book easel for big book reading.”... Read More »

New Classroom Portable Products

Get a closer look with the Epson ELP-DC12 Document Camera

The Epson ELP-DC12 Document Camera enables users to turn their existing projector into a fully interactive Education creativity tool. The document camera is lightweight and compact enough to take with you from room to room. The document camera can be used for more than just projecting documents. There is also an attachment that can be […]... Read More »

Introducing the new range of portable Epson projectors

Epson’s new range of projectors are slim, lightweight, and packed with the latest features to make your presentations pop. Don’t let the small size and lightweight design throw you off. The portable range by Epson has the same features you’d expect from larger, bulkier projectors: Portable versatility Whether you have a presentation that needs a […]... Read More »

Connect to your projector wirelessly with iProjection

We often get asked at DIB Australia about connecting projectors to phones, or to a network of projectors without worrying about cables and connections. Many of our customers look at Chromecasts, Apple TV and other third-party devices to connect to their projectors without plugging their device in directly. Most people don’t know is that their […]... Read More »