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Quick Guide: Wireless Projectors and Other Wireless Display Technologies

So many technologies have gone wireless in the 21st century. Cordless computer peripherals like mice and keyboards are everywhere and most of us can’t live without our WiFi. Now days many phones support wireless charging and our file transfers take place over the cloud. Projectors are no different, with most modern models coming standard with wireless projection capabilities.

It is easy to see what makes wireless projectors so appealing.The sheer convenience of being able to connect your device to a projector without the need for a cable is difficult to pass up. Streaming presentations, websites, videos, movies and other multimedia is quick and easy. Wireless technology means that you don’t have to fiddle around with a cable or leave your laptop next to the port. Instead, with the touch of a button you can share your device to the projector. And when you’re done sharing, disconnecting is just as easy.

In both the meeting room and classroom a wireless projector carries many benefits. It facilitates collaboration by making it hassle-free for anyone to share their work. Furthermore, wireless projectors will work with virtually any device that has access to the network. This means that you can display content from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers alike.

epson eb-1985wu wireless projector

The Epson EB-1985WU with wireless projection capabilities

Thankfully, today wireless projection is relatively common. Whether portable or installed, virtually all modern Epson projectors come with wireless capabilities. Epson models support traditional wired connection using a cable, while giving users the option to connect wirelessly as well. One can simply download the Epson iProjection App to connect from their mobile devices. Some of the popular Epson models that can project wirelessly include the Epson EB-595wi and the EB-1430 MeetingMate.

appletv box wireless projection

AppleTV box – allowing for wireless display

For those who want to add wireless functionality to an existing setup, one option is the AppleTV. This device streams content from an Apple device to any display or projector. AppleTV boxes are also popular for their ease of use and high definition output. They’re perfect for schools where every student has an iPad. To learn more about How AppleTV streaming works, Click Here.

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