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Dunlop Pavilion Renovation – Grandview Motorised Screen

The City of Stonnington decided to Refurbish their Dunlop Pavilion located in East Malvern. The project included an extension to the ground floor to house Home and Away change rooms, amenities, umpire facilities, first aid rooms, storage, public amenities, and commercial kitchen. The Pavilion is connected to the beautiful Gardeners Creek trail, the City of Stonnington saw this as an opportunity to encourage public engagement by  facilitating access to the BBQ facilities and playground by linking the trail back to the Pavilion, they also believed that the increase of public presence would serve as passive surveillance to assist in deterring vandalism.  

Grandview screen, Epson G7200W Short throw lens

Their building design team engaged DIB’S service to design and install their AV requirements. This was a two-stage project, The initial stage covered the cabling component of the project, DIB worked on the complete system design in consultation with the City of Stonnington & BRT Electrical Engineers. This was a necessary process during the building stage to ensure the cabling could be concealed with the walls and ceiling cavities to maintain the aesthetics of the space. It was just as important to liaise on-site with the other trades to ensure power & data was conveniently placed where required for the AV equipment to ensure service such as air conditioning ducts did not clash with the Design fit-out.  Once all the cabling works were completed the City Of Stonnington then approached DIB AV for a hardware and commissioning proposal.

Grandview 150″ Screen, Sennheiser G3 / Handheld Microphone

In relation to the design when it came to the AV component of the project, they wanted something that could be used for sporting activities but also for social events and functions. One of the challenges when it came to the design and usability, there was a variety of a different user who would be operating the equipment, therefore it needed to be simple and reliable. DIB AV has worked with and designed many AV solutions for a number of councils across Melbourne many valuing the simplicity of our designs, this was also key when it came to making decisions regarding the most suitable design and hardware for this space. 

Audio Visual System Rack – Australia Monitor Mixer / Amplifier

Some of the factors that had to be considered during the design process were the numerous windows within the space, thus making the projectors Brightness and placement critical. Along with the point mentioned earlier regarding the various users who would be operating the equipment for sporting events, functions and social events. 

Joey Mirco 9 Control Panel

To ensure we hit the mark in terms of simplicity for the end-user a Joey Mirco 9 control Panel was selected, this allows the end-user to turn the Vision system on with the push of one button, this action turns on the projector & lowers the motorized screen automatically. This control panel also makes it easy for the end user to select the required input such as a Laptop, Free to Air TV or Foxtel. An icon audio control panel was also installed for control of the audio from the projector, wireless handheld Mic, iPod, and fixed microphone input so that they can all be controlled without the user needing to access the  Australian Monitor AMD200 mixer/amplifier in the rack which avoids problems occurring with unnecessary adjustments to the settings. The Sennheiser G3 Handheld microphone selected has a charging station so the Wireless microphone is always charged and ready to use with the worry of the flat batteries whilst doing presentations.

Epson EB – G7200W and Grandview Motorised Screen

The Epson EB – G7200W high brightness 7500 ANSI Projector and short throw lens were chosen along with the Grandview 150’ Motorised screen & recessed screen housing completing the AV design for space which met all the requirements for the project. Complex made simple. 

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