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Ashwood School Gym upgrade to the Epson EB-G6270W

Gymnasiums are a difficult space for AV for many reasons. Predominately, it’s the ambient light and challenges acoustically that can make an AV system less than ideal. So, when Ashwood School required an AV solution for the gymnasium, they called the team at DIB Audio Visual to assist with the design, installation and training of a NEW AV system.

Ashwood School GYM - Epson G-series projector - Epson EB-G6270 in cage (med)

Looking through the doors into the Gym at Ashwood School (Epson EB-G6270 G-Series projector)

Solutions Consultant Gabi worked closely with staff to design a AV solution that would best suit their AV requirements.

For the main display, an Epson G-series projector was chosen (Epson EB-G6270W). The projector was housed within a Gilkon projector cage and mounted on a standard 1.2m pole from the ceiling. This was projected onto a large motorise Grandview SmartScreen, measuring 130 inches in size. (Grandview model GRSG130C).

Ashwood School GYM - Epson EB-G6270 in cage (med)

Epson EB-G6270 in protective cage

A JED T460 control panel was selected for simple, easy-to-use operation. A pair of Australian Monitor XRS8P powered speakers were chosen to provide high quality sound throughout the space. The AM XRS8P powered speakers were installed inside custom-built cages to protect the speakers from getting damaged from any sports activities within the gym.

Ashwood School GYM - JED T460 control panel (med)

JED T460 control panel

Ashwood School GYM - Australian Monitor AM XRS8P Powered speakers (med)

Custom-built cage protecting Australian Monitor XRS8P powered speakers

Both VGA (+audio) and HDMI inputs were installed to provide access to devices with both older and newer connections.

With the Epson EB-G6270W projector giving a bright output of 6,500 lumens, the AV solution in the Ashwood Gym will give them an excellent quality AV solution for many years to come.

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