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St Paul's Bentleigh Projector Install EB-595Wi

St Paul’s Primary School Bentleigh Projector Install

St Paul’s Primary School Bentleigh is a small Catholic school with a history of excellence since 1928. DIB Australia has a successful history of working with the school. Our previous installs of classroom interactive projectors were embraced by the school, and they recently enlisted the DIB team to equip two more of their classrooms with the devices.

Interactive projectors are powerful additions to the classroom. The reality is that many students are easily distracted, especially at younger year levels. Interactive technologies in the classroom are effective at drawing in students, and creating more engaging lessons. The ability for students to directly alter, annotate, and interact with classroom materials as they learn is highly valuable.

See here for a great blog post by Hitachi on 5 benefits of teaching with an interactive projector.

The EPSON EB-595Wi was installed in two classrooms. This is the same model that DIB and the school had favoured on previous jobs. The projector is designed for the classroom. Its ultra short throw means that it sits above and close to the whiteboard, removing the annoyance of disruptive glare and shadows that is cast by presenters standing in front of a regular projector. The EB-595Wi also projects a high resolution, bright image that can be easily viewed by students.

EPSON EB-595Wi for St Pauls Bentleigh Projector Install

EPSON EB-595Wi Interactive Projector

The EB-595Wi distinguishes itself from many other interactive projectors with its finger touch capabilities. This allows students to simply operate the projector with their fingers, like they would a tablet or mobile phone. This method of using the device is less clunky than using the special interactive pens required to operate of many other projectors. Furthermore, finger multi-touch lets students and and teachers naturally resize and rotate objects on the board in the same way they would on a tablet or mobile phone.

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