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Troubleshooting – A few ways to fix touch-issues on 2Touch Interactive Whiteboards

2Touch Interactive Whiteboards have been used in many classrooms across Australia and can be an effective way of teaching in the classroom. But like all technology, things don’t always work like they it should!

A common issue that many educators find is that their 2Touch Interactive Whiteboard does not want to respond to touch gestures. There can be a couple of simple steps that can be taken to resolve this somewhat frustrating issue.

The first is to remove any items that are stuck to the board, such as pieces of paper. The main reason for this is, is because they can cause interference with the touch sensors that are part of the board. Essentially, the 2Touch Interactive Whiteboard is confused with the signal it is receiving from the item stuck to the board.

The second possible cause for interactive touch issues is an easily overlooked one. It involves the simple check and clean of the inside edges of the 2Touch Interactive Whiteboard, which can sometimes be dusty or dirty. This can cause interference for the touch component of the board, therefore stopping the recognition of touch on the board.

Other issues that may have caused the 2Touch Interactive Whiteboard to lose it’s touch capability is the connections behind the board may have become lose, such as the USB joiner. This is much more difficult to check and fix, as the board may be required to come of the wall to fix this issue. In this case, a qualified AV technician would be best to help at this point, if the first two tips didn’t fix the issue.

The last possibility is that there is a fault with the electrical components of the board itself, in which it may need to be repaired or replaced.


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