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How to fix lines that appear across my projector image?

DIB technicians deal with all sorts of service-related phone calls. Early into Term 1, the team at DIB Australia got a phone call from one of our clients who had a projector that had grid lines appearing across the projector screen. This was in a children’s area of the local library, which was serviced by a Melbourne-based Shire Council. This space was used for all the children’s programs, so it’s continued operation was very important to the library.

The DIB technician came out to assess the projector and determined that there was an internal fault and it would need to be sent away for repair. As the projector was covered under warranty, the DIB technician was able to fit a loan projector in it’s place whilst the faulty projector was sent back to the manufacturer for repair. Once the faulty unit was fixed, it was then brought back to the library, where the DIB technician removed the loan projector, then fitted and tested the repaired unit. This whole process enabled the continued use of a projector in this space in the library

If you require assistance with a similar issue or have another fault with your projector/AV system, you can log a fault here, or contact DIB Australia on (03) 9457-4800.

All new AV installations completed by DIB Australia come with a 3 year onsite warranty.