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At your service! Helpful Hints & Tips for AV Service

Like a car which needs regular services to keep it running well, your projector needs to be regularly serviced to kept it running optimally. If servicing is ad hoc, or worse still, not at all, your projectors can end up like some cars; needing replacement!

Projectors (data projector, ultra short throw, short throw, long throw) respond well to regular servicing, which should be performed between 1-2 times per year. This is type of servicing is what you might call “preventative maintenance”. This helps keep your investments working well and lowers the likelihood of repair costs, which could end up being a few hundred dollars per projector. Worst case scenario is that a projector that is not maintained properly, may require the replacement of the broken-down projector.

Things to look out for when servicing a projector

  • filters (dust build up)
  • alignment of projector
  • inputs are working correctly
  • lamp life (does it need replacing?)
  • flyleads (connections from wall plate to device, such as a laptop)

When a technician does a projector service, they are not just checking these things. They do a complete functionality test of the AV system to make sure that all aspects are operating correctly.

The main way to service projectors, is to have a technician come out onsite and conduct the service. If a projector is requiring repair, then being able to access a loan projector would be desirable, whilst the repair takes place.

DIB Audio Visual provide a high standard of AV service work, including repairs to any type of projector, including Epson, NEC, Sony, Benq, Hitachi and other brands. Of course, there are loan projectors available from DIB Audio Visual, so that there is no down-time whilst your projector is being serviced. Lamps for projectors can also be sourced and replaced for any type of projector you may have.

DIB have a dedicated Service Team, including a Full-Time Manager and several service technicians. If you require any assistance with anything AV service-related, please contact us on (03) 9459-0000 or submit an enquiry HERE