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Epson eb-585w projector for science classroom

Modern Science Room Projector Upgrades at CRC Caroline Springs

Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs is a years 7-10 school which is a member of the Federation of Catholic Regional Colleges, providing quality education based in faith to a number of regional suburbs of Melbourne. The DIB team have worked many times with a number of the schools within the CRC network to design and install modern education technology systems. These installations have included gym projectors and large video walls. Our latest work at CRC Caroline Springs involved audio visual upgrades across three of the school’s science classrooms.

Each science classroom was equipped with a new projector, audio system, and HDMI inputs. The classrooms’ outdated equipment was removed by the DIB team and the new components were integrated in to the space. We were able to make use of each room’s existing control panel, which was reprogrammed to suit the new input type and upgraded projector.

reprogrammed control panel science classroom upgrades

The reprogrammed control panel

The upgraded projector for each classroom was an Epson EB-585W. This projector has an ultra short throw design which comes with many benefits, including the ability to provide a very large image from a super compact design. This makes them perfect for classrooms and other smaller spaces. Along with this impressive size, the 585W boasts fantastic image quality with fine details and bright, vibrant colours. Finally, Epson projectors also come with an advanced networking capability which allows staff to monitor, control and present to projectors from a remote location.

Epson eb-585w projector for science classroom

Epson EB-585W projector system

The DIB team installed a HDMI port below the existing control panels in the science rooms. HDMI has become a widespread input method, providing for higher quality images and allowing audio and video to be connected to a device via a single cable. The inclusion of these ports, along with the upgraded projector and speaker system, will ensure that this science classroom audio visual setup will hold its own for many years to come.

HDMI port science classroom projector system

HDMI port

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