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Versatile AV System for Adjoined Meeting Rooms at Moe Rail Precinct

DIB Australia were engaged by the Latrobe City Council to complete audio visual works as part of the Moe Rail Precinct Revitalisation Project. The project’s goal was to invigorate the centre of Moe, a small town in regional Victoria, with the creation of a new community centre. The different aspects of the large-scale installation are covered across multiple blog posts. To read about the video wall and digital signage solutions created by the DIB team, Click Here.

The AV works included installation of systems across three public meeting rooms. In rooms G08  & G09, Epson EB-1430wi MeetingMate interactive projectors were installed by the DIB team. The MeetingMate is Epson’s most capable projector ever. It is packed with helpful features and the latest technology to make it the ultimate projector solution for any meeting room. The MeetingMate turns any surface into an interactive whiteboard. Using just a finger, anyone can easily annotate, collaborate, and interact with displayed content. The interactive projector can even be used independently without plugging in a laptop. This feature is especially useful, allowing members of the public to hold instant meetings with next to no setup required. Afterwards, the content of the instant meeting can be saved onto a USB stick, printed, or emailed directly from the projector for future reference.

Epson EB-1430Wi interactive projector

Epson EB-1430Wi interactive projector

Room G07 saw the installation of a high definition 65” LG UX340C display. Meeting room participants could then connect to the display via HDMI and VGA ports located throughout the space. A dual microphone system was incorporated into this room to allow for larger presentations.

All three rooms featured Extron touchscreen control panels. These make it easy for anyone to use the AV system, regardless of their experience or tech expertise.Between the 8 buttons and the full-colour touch screen, the panels let users handle all aspects of the audio visual system from one place. The buttons turn each room’s display on/off and let participants choose between the many possible sources and configurations.

Extron control panel with Combined Mode function

Extron control panel with Combined Mode function (click to enlarge)

Meeting room G07 was adjacent to G08 and in some situations the two could be combined to form one large space. It was important that the audio visual design cater to this situation and as such, a function was provided on the control panels to combine the AV systems of the two rooms. At the press of a button on the control panel in each room, the same video will be displayed in both spaces and identical audio will be transmitted. This allows groups to book both meeting rooms in order to hold larger-scale presentations.

The DIB team are proud of their contribution to the impressive space. Altogether, the Moe Rail Precinct has been equipped with a state-of-the-art audio visual setup that will hold its own for many years to come. We hope our audio visual installations will help to provide the highest quality experiences and services to Moe’s locals.

Click here to read about the video wall and digital signage solutions created by DIB Australia as part of the Moe Rail Precinct installation.

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