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Boardroom Installations

The dual monitor system at Innate Wealth

The dual monitor system at Innate Wealth

Flashy LED panels for Innate Wealth boardrooms

Innate Wealth is a company that offers a wide range of services to cater for their clients’ needs. Innate Wealth aims to help their clients develop a financial plan for a more secure financial future, planning out short-term and long-term goals and finding out the best means of achieving them.

Innate Wealth worked with DIB in installing new audiovisual equipment in two of their boardrooms, providing more intuitive, effective technology to the staff. The first boardroom, or the master boardroom, is special in that what is displayed in this room can be mirrored to the second control boardroom.

55" Sony 4K HDR TV with the Yamaha CS-700 Video Conferencing System at Innate Wealth
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Installation process

The master boardroom saw the installation of a 55″ Sony 4K HDR TV. These versatile, BRAVIA 4K displays are well-suited to cater to any needs that its users may have whilst maintaining a crystal clear image. The monitors also come with a wide range of different functions at the user’s disposable, such as optional interactive compatibility.

A Kramer VM-2UHD Distribution Amplifier was installed to enable the HDMI signal
connected to be split between the two rooms, with the display in the master boardroom is mirrored in the second room.

A Yamaha CS-700 Video Conferencing System was installed in the second room. Installed underneath the monitor, the Yamaha system is an all-in-one video/sound collaboration system, featuring an integrated 120 degree ultra-wide angle camera and high quality beamforming microphones. This system, which can be wall-mounted, is perfect for meetings over the internet.

A JED (T460) wall control panel was fitted in both rooms, enhancing the usability of the new system. By taking the features that users need on a day-to-day basis and making them easily accessible, there’s no need for multiple remotes, meaning less hassle for the user. The panels are usually set up to include buttons that turn the system on and off, control the volume and select the source to be displayed.

Both rooms were also fitted with a HDMI panel, which allows users to easily connect their external devices to the monitor.

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